The Ravellenic Games are Just Around the Corner!

The Olympics are about to begin which means its almost time for the Ravellenic Games. What are the Ravellenic Games you ask?  It’s a fiber arts event on Ravelry that runs concurrent with the Olympic Games.  The goal of the Ravellenics is to challenge yourself by starting and finishing one or more projects during the 2014 Winter Olympics. You can compete teams (frequently organized by pre-existing groups on Ravelry) which makes it much more fun and in events such as Hat Halfpipe, Sock Hockey and many more.  There’s an event for just about anything you would want to do.

I’m captaining TeamKromski along with my stellar co-captain.  We came up with a few prizes and feel fortunate some of our teammates offered up some prizes as well.  We’re hovering at about 30 team members and over the next week we’ll all decide what events we’re competing in.

If you’re involved in fiber arts I highly encourage you to participate. More on what my event/project is next time.  Let’s just say I might have taken the “challenge” a little too far.


Go TeamKromski!





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5 responses to “The Ravellenic Games are Just Around the Corner!

  1. I’m trying to get up the nerve to join unofficially. 😳 Not in any particular team but working on two projects — a hat for my friend Chris and also trying to spin my first fiber.

    You knit like the wind so I’m sure you’re going to finish that sweater. Cheering you on friend!

    • You can definitely do it Nicky! Make it an obtainable, manageable goal that won’t stress you out. If you don’t make it, it’s not the end of the world (that’s what I keep reminding myself).

      Thanks for the support!

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