A Challenging, Possibly Crazy, Ravellenic Project

So remember I said I took the “challenge” part of the Ravellenic Games a bit too seriously this year? Well, here’s why.

I’m going to attempt to knit an adult, long sleeve cardigan for the Ravellenic Games. Yes, I’m crazy. That gives me just about 2.5 weeks to knit it. Being the spreadsheet nerd I am, I scheduled out in excel. Let’s just say I have to knit a lot every day. And still go to work, keep the pets fed and the house at a reasonable level of clean.

The cardigan is Shamrock Cardigan by Cheryl Beckerich. Modification wise, I’m adding longer sleeves (as long as my yarn supply permits) and doing the collar and button band as I knit it.

Shamrock Cardigan

The yarn is Claddagh in purple from Good For Ewe Yarns. It’s a blend of 45% Merino, 40% Llama, and 15% Microfiber. I bought this yarn at my local yarn shop (Nomad Yarns) when the yarn company was having a trunk show at the shop (thanks Paige!). I had the pattern picked out for this yarn from the start.

Good for Ewe Claddagh

Next up: swatching, sizing and such fun. T minus 6 days!


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