Ravellenic Games: Training (aka Swatching)

I never get gauge. Ever. I’m just one of those knitters.

Before anyone says gauge swatching is for wusses, let me declare I only gauge swatch for fitted garments. Mostly because if I’m going to spend that much time knitting the garment, it better fit me. So, ahead of the Ravellenic Games, I need to swatch (considered “training”).


The pattern calls for US 5 needles. Given I’m a loosy-goosy knitter, I started swatching on US 4. Nope, way off gauge and the fabric was floppy. So then I dropped to US 2 needles. The resulting fabric was appropriately dense but did I get gauge? Not even close.

Hint #1: keep a record of what gauge you get with different needle sizes.

Hint #2: Wash, dry and block your swatch. Even if I’m not going to do much blocking of the finished product I still wash and lay it out flat. As you can see in the notes above my gauge changed. PS – washing you swatch will also tell you if your yarn will bleed.

So now for some knitting math to translate my swatch on US 2s into a different size of the pattern. Then modify the pattern for the collar and button band. Before Friday. Plenty of time, right?


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One response to “Ravellenic Games: Training (aka Swatching)

  1. If I didn’t believe in swatching before, I certainly do now. After my last swatch (for my first adult sweater), it was amazing how much it grew after washing. I’ll never not swatch again.

    On another note, love the yarn you’re using.

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