Finished Object – Backseat Passenger Cowl

I finished something! Woo-hoo! I actually finished over the weekend but today was the first day I had good light to take pictures. And the only reason I had that was because I worked from home (yes, I was trapped in my own home on my 30th birthday – I do not recommend).


So, moving on to the details.

Pattern – Backseat Passenger Cowl ( Ravelry Pattern Here) from Compositions of Wool. I really liked the simplicity of this pattern. I easily added on until I ran out of yarn which I prefer. It was simple enough to do on brain-dead evenings but is still visually interesting and shows off the yarn. I used US7s but could have stood to go down at least one needle size. Pattern is free on Ravelry.

Yarn – Mountain Colors Yarns Twizzle in Hollyhock from Nomad Yarns. Twizzle is a worsted weight blend of 85% merino and 15% silk. A 100 gram skein is 250 yards. I love the colors. And if you’ve ever bought Mountain Colors yarn before you know it has a distinctive post-dyeing smell. It reminds me I should do some dyeing just for fun.

photo 2



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2 responses to “Finished Object – Backseat Passenger Cowl

  1. It’s really pretty Courtney. I love the colourway of the yarn; you chose the perfect pattern to showcase this.

    Happy Birthday too! Hope despite being trapped, you managed to have a great day!

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