Ravellenic Games: Knitting Math

I’m a CPA. You’d think this whole knitting math thing would be a breeze. But no.

Unwashed swatch – I’m getting gauge of 28 sts in 4.625 inches on US 2s.
Washed swatch – gauge of 28 sts in 4.75 inches on US 2s and 22 rows in 3 inches.

The pattern specifies gauge of 25 sts and 32 rows in 4 inches in stockinette on US 5s. You can see my problem. If I drop to a smaller needle that sweater will be stiff enough to hop up and run across the room.


So, the plan is to knit one size smaller (33″ instead of 37″) on US 2s. I’ve then added two stitches to each raglan section (4 instead of 2) and will add width in the button band if needed. That should get me to about a 37″ bust. I hope. The math says so.


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  1. Gahhhh!!!!! I’m wishing you the best because I totally understand those gauge issues. I think your mods might just give you what you need. Finger’s crossed.

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