Meet the Critters


To take a break from the Ravellenic posts (and the fact I likely won’t finish on time), I thought I’d introduce my two critters.  One is fiber related, the other is not.  Winston is a white angora rabbit and Betty is my big black cat (aka heifer aka baby hippo aka the planet).


Winston is my two year old English angora (red eyed white) I got from a local breeder (Breezy Manor Farms).  He’s a cute ball of fur who likes watching TV, is quite social and will chew on anything he can.  Compared to some other English angoras he’s on the small side but the cat (who is over double his weight) is still terrified of him.  His favorite “game” is to wait til she walks by on the outside of the cage and move towards her.  Even though he can’t get to her, she runs off crying.

He is at least a productive member of the household.  I’ll go into more detail of his care/grooming in a later post but he does generate a great deal of angora fiber that I can use to spin with.  Given the staple length I have historically blended his fiber with alpaca, which works great.


Betty is a big girl.  Diet foods do not work.  She eats only dry foods and that is portioned out daily. Cuddling isn’t her thing but she wants to sleep on the bed (typically in such a location that I cannot roll over) and cries if I lock her out of the bedroom.  She’s a giant scaredy-cat – scared of people and bunnies.  On the upside she has (knock on wood) little interest in yarn or fiber.  She does not touch my knitting projects when left out and is, of course, terrified of the spinning wheel.

Betty isn’t exactly productive.  She’s supposed to be in charge of pest control but most of the time can’t be bothered.  Our most recent favorite trick is to get a tissue out of the trash can and leave it in the doorway to my bedroom.  Every night.

So that’s the crew! Occasionally we have a Beta fish and will likely get a dog within the next year.  I highly suspect the rabbit will remain the Alpha.


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  1. Nice to meet you Winston and Betty!

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