Ravellenic Update and Resetting Expectations

Ahem. So I’ll just put it out there.  I’m not going to finish the cardigan by closing ceremonies. And I’m okay with that.  Here’s where I was Sunday – not much has changed since then (maybe another couple inches).


I admitted to myself on Monday there wasn’t any reasonable method to finish on time. I still have to go to work and sleep. The bunny still has to get groomed, some standard of cleanliness has to be maintained at home and other random items have to be attended to. Such is life.

I realize now that my failure wasn’t in planning (I had an Excel schedule – serious) but in setting reasonable expectations for myself. Expecting myself to knit 3 hours plus each weeknight was crazy from a time and energy standpoint. It’s supposed to be enjoyable – not a stressor.

So I’m not going to finish on time. But you know what? I did set the goal and work towards it. That’s something to be proud of. Not meeting it doesn’t mean I’m a failure. Now I need to reset my own expectations. My new goal is to be done by March 7, one month after I started. Knitted, blocked and with buttons by the 7th. But if I need to reset expectations again? That’s ok too. 🙂


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One response to “Ravellenic Update and Resetting Expectations

  1. I won’t be finishing my Ravellenic sweater, either. At least we tried!

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