Yarn Crawl 2014 (Part 1 of 3)

passportEight local yarn shops are holding an inaugural yarn crawl called Roving Indiana from February 21 – March 2.  I’m going to break this up into three blog posts. This post will be about the trip, the second about the shops and the last post about my “haul.”

Here’s the basics of the yarn crawl.  You buy a passport from one of the participating LYSs and go around to each LYS.  At each LYS you get your passport stamped, receive one-eighth of a shawl pattern and, if you make a purchase at that LYS, an entry in that shop’s raffle drawing.  At the last shop they certify your passport, take out the last page and it enters you into drawings for larger prizes.  Oh, and you get 10% off your purchase! If you’re local and interested, here’s the link: http://nomadyarnshop.com/roving-indiana-explore-the-wool-trail/

To say I was excited about this event might have been an understatement.  I made plans with a couple friends to visit several of the shops on Saturday and mapped out a route. We left around 9am for the first shop and hit six shops throughout the day.  We took turns driving, which happily gave me some time to knit.  Nothing says yarn crawl like knitting in the dashboard.

car dash

We capped off our Saturday trip with a visit to a local winery and then dinner with some friends who own our LYS.   Here’s our Saturday haul:

trunk haul

We visited the remaining two shops, including our LYS, on Sunday and turned in our passports. Woohoo! We are done! It was fun to visit the different shops (I had only been to 3 of the 8 before) and spend the day with friends.

Next post: A summary of the yarn shops!


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  1. Nice! What a lovely way to spend time with some friends. And ending up with fiber-y goodies at the end … Awesome!!! 😀 Can’t wait to see what you got.

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