Finished Object – Shamrock Cardigan

I finished! I finished!

Shamrock Cardigan

This was my Ravellenic Project that did not get done by closing ceremonies.  But, I actually finished late Friday night/early Saturday morning so it ended up taking me right at one month.  Thank you to my wonderful friend Patty for braving the cold to take pictures.

Moving on to the details.

Pattern – Shamrock Cardigan (Ravelry pattern here) from Cheryl Beckerich. I saw a sample of this cardigan, out of the yarn suggested in the pattern, at a Good For Ewe trunk show.  It is a top-down raglan with lace panels on the front and the sleeves. You knit the body of the cardigan and then go back and pick up stitches for the neckband and front buttonbands.  Lots of size options and an enjoyable knit. Pattern is $4.95 on Ravelry.

Yarn –  Good for Ewe Claddagh from Good for Ewe Yarns, which I bought at Nomad Yarns.  Claddagh is a sport weight blend of 45% merino, 40% llama and 15% microfiber. A 50 gram ball is 164 yards. I loved two colors – the purple and green. It has flecks to it which give it a tweedy appearance.  NOTE: This yarn grows after blocking.  If you’re making something fitted – wash your swatch.

normal profile

I ended up using 6.4 skeins in total.  That was with the modification to make 3/4 length sleeves.  As mentioned previously I had some serious gauge issues – which is just a function of my knitting style.  A friend is knitting this same pattern out of the same yarn and appears to be getting close to the pattern gauge.  Size wise I needed a 38-39″ (at the bust).  I ended up knitting the 33″ pattern size on US size 2 needles (to get a good fabric density). To make up the size difference I added two stitches to each raglan (from 2 to 4) and increased the width of the button band.  I also increased the ribbing edges to 8 rows instead of 6, continued the sleeves and lace panel down the past the elbows.  To make sure I had enough yarn left to knit sleeves of the same length I knit the body of the cardigan, the neckband and the button bands, in that order.  Then I did the sleeves. I ended up with 21 lace repeats on the body and 11 on the sleeves.

Post washing and blocking, I’m very happy with how it fits. It’s not very thick but does seem to be warm.  I would definitely do the longer sleeves again as the lace panel carried down them looks nice.

sleeve close up

-On US2s I got 4.625” over 28 stitches (unwashed).
-On US2s I got 4.75” over 28 stitches (washed).


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  1. Lovely. For the issues you were having with gauge, I’d say your mods gave you a perfect fit.

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