Off Topic Post – House Painting

House Painting with COLOR

Home Office

So I’ve been a bit quiet the past couple weeks or so (the one post I did publish was one I had saved up) but there’s a very good reason – I finally got the interior of my house painted!  I moved in last summer and didn’t get it done until now.  Luckily, they were able to do get started within about a week.  I’m so happy with it – everything looks clean and fresh and the splashes of color make me smile.

After being in rentals since I moved out I wanted COLOR.  Not loud and obnoxious but color.  I went with a very light gray in most of the house and only two accent walls downstairs in more of a gray beige (Sherwin Williams Megagreige in case you are wondering).  I kept the very light gray in most of the upstairs rooms but have a few accent walls – teal (SW Interesting Aqua) in my home office and green (SW Ryegrass) in the fiber arts loft.  The guest bedroom is entirely a golden yellow (SW Cupola Yellow).

My bedroom may be my favorite room though. The wall at the head of the bed is a medium/dark purple (SW Plummy) and the other walls in the bedroom are Repose Gray, which is a bit darker and more true gray than what is in the rest of the house.  I think they looking stunning together and really suit me.

Master Bedroom

Still some home improvement DIY to do but this was a major project and I’m so glad its done.  More pictures to follow as I make some wall art, paint some matching furniture, etc.


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