Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival


Yesterday I went to Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival in Franklin, Indiana.  There weren’t any classes I was interested in so I just went for the shopping.  My friend Heather came with and we met up with our friend Erica who had a booth there.  They had some super cute sheep there and a couple alpaca.


The day got off to a good start when I found the above drum carder for $50.  I’ve been thinking about getting one like the one I borrow from my friend Patty but hadn’t made the (large) financial commitment.  So I was excited to find this one. No markings on it so it may be homemade.  The carding cloth is fine or extra fine (perfect!) and the teeth are in good condition.  The large drum is small compared to the Fancy Kitty but the licker in is actually larger than the licker in on the Kitty. The size ratio between the big and little drum is just odd.  Hopefully I’ll have a chance this weekend to see how it works.

I did not get a ton of prepped fiber.  The gray bag on the drum carder is some alpaca that is super soft. The colorful set of fibers are from LunabudKnits. The major item on my shopping list was some purple to go along with the class batts from April I recently spun up.  I ended up with two different shades of purple – the bright one is for my blue batt and the darker one is for the orange/purple/gray/yellow batt.  The remaining colors (one ounce each) are just for blending on the drum carder.


Two more fleeces.  One is an alpaca fleece from an alpaca whose blanket I bought in a prior year.  The alpaca owner has sold most of her herd so I was soooo excited to find one of her’s (and it was on sale).  I also got a small cormo cross fleece.  I have no illusions that cleaning this thing will be a pain.  After talking with the seller I may try the suint method.  She said she’s been using it for all her fleeces and has worked well.


Everything else was just for fun.  A yarn bowl I found for $15 that will work with larger balls of yarn and a jar of amazing salsa. The seller had samples available and they were pretty amazing. One small thing of lotion to try and then two bars of soap from one of my favorite sellers, Simple Soapworks.  I buy a couple bars anytime they’re at a show for two reasons.  One, the bars have a very saturated scent.  Not overpowering but you can smell their booth from half a building away.  Second, they have a lot of bars with oatmeal in them.  The oatmeal acts as an exfoliant and your skin feels great.


That’s it! No more fiber festivals til the fall so plenty of time to get these fleeces washed up!



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