Gabriel, Running Out Yarn and Garage Drywall

It’s been kinda crazy since Hoosier Hills.  A lot of things going on – most fiber related and a lot of things coming up.  Sorry for the lack of pictures.  My flickr app is having some issues.

Partial Alluvia Tote

  • I got some more suri alpaca fiber washed up.  It took *forever* to dry.  As in many days.  So for the majority of the week I had loose alpaca fiber on my kitchen island.  It’s been raining (or a chance of rain) several days so the higher humidity didn’t help.  However, I ended up with just under 2 pounds of gorgeous gray suri locks with white tips.  His name is Gabriel and the fleece was from Montrose Farms which is only about 10 miles north of my house.  I already had just under one pound from the prior year so I’ve got plenty now.  Very likely this may become a large beaded shawl.
  • I, um, ran out of yarn on my Alluvia Tote.  In nearly 4 years of knitting I’ve never actually run out before. Each pleat is a different color and I came up shy.  This was, of course, the one color I didn’t have two balls of.  Per the pattern one ball should have been enough.  Obviously not.  So, I started my search on Ravelry but couldn’t find any in the same dyelot.  I bought one skein each from two very nice Ravelers and will use whichever one matches the best.  Luckily, it will mostly be hidden under the above pleat.
  • The drywalling in the garage is done (including a catastrophe with the deep freeze) and my garage is newly organized and put together.  It appears I will have 1/4 to 1/3 of the garage for fiber prep and dyeing.  The sink still needs to be hooked (cold water only unfortunately) and I need to put up shelving but just knowing how much workspace I have is a good start.  Pictures will follow once its done. PS – anyone know how to get the drywall dust under control? I have swept the garage a half dozen times and am still tracking the dust into the house.
  • Knit in Public Week is starting.  If you’re local to central Indiana we’re getting together Friday the 20th to knit at the winery.  More details here.  I hope everyone can get out and enjoy, especially with friends.

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