Drumcarding the Card It Up Kit

Full on FIber

I’ve been playing on the drum carder again!

If you recall, one of the items I bought at the fiber festival in Greencastle was a Card It Up kit from Hello Purl.  It had four ounces of a variety of fibers (angelina, bfl/romney, BFL, carbonized bamboo, faux cashmere, shetland, silk noil and silk thrums) in teals, purples, grays and black.


I also bought another four ounces of merino combed top from my local yarn shop (Nomad Yarns) that they bought from Ohio Valley Fiber.  Here’s all the fiber, which I fluffed up/open with my hands since some of it was compacted.

Ready to Card

Some searching on Ravelry told me the drum carder would likely only hold two ounces, or at least, after that it got challenging.  I divided each of the fiber types into fourths so each two ounce batt would have the same fiber/color composition.  FYI – if you have small amounts of silk, or any other fiber, you likely will need a scale that is more precise than a kitchen scale.

Divided Up

Finally it was time to start carding.  I started with the merino top, pulling is apart and laying it down first as a base (so it would be, in theory, easier to get off).  Then I randomly alternated between the other fibers in small bits, trying to get a variety of color and textures in each “layer.” I painted everything, including the merino, directly onto the drum since the licker in and I don’t get along. Even with being painted on the licker in still wanted to eat the angelina so every time I painted the angelina on I put something over it before turning the drum.  Same with the silk noil.  After a bit over an hour of painting it was ready to come off.

On Carder

Well, sort of. It still tried to stick a bit. But, I pulled it off slowly and finally got it. I’m happy with how it came out and can’t wait to spin it up!



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