Writing for Ply Magazine and Wool Soaking

Still kind of crazy.  Working on house stuff and getting ready for my family to come visit for the holidays.    I’ve stocked up some blog posts for the coming weeks. But, now, time for some exciting news!


I’m going to write an article for Ply Magazine! I submitted a proposal in May and heard back a couple weeks ago.  The article will be in next Spring’s issue on Leicester wools and will be on the finishing of handspun yarn.  I ordered (and received) 8 ounces of blue-faced leicester for spinning samples.

If you’re not familiar with Ply it’s a new magazine for spinners and fiber artists where each issue is based on a theme. Glossy pages (all of them!), gorgeous photos, and very few ads (most are for indie fiber artists).  All of the articles are well thought out and written.  Some local spinning shops carry it in store or you can buy an annual subscription or singular issues.  Website (recently designed) is here.

Wool Soak Experiment


So after some reading on Rav I decided to try something with a bit of the partial fleece – soaking.  Not the suint method soaking (my neighbors would not appreciate), but just a couple day soak in room temperature water before washing.  I kept a similar amount dry as a control and after the couple day soak washed both samples in the same water with Power Scour.  I was quite disappointed – no difference.  The two samples look and feel the same (still slightly greasy).  This was a fairly greasy and dirty fleece (cormo) so I was optimistic.  However, it didn’t appear to do any good.  At least I tried!




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3 responses to “Writing for Ply Magazine and Wool Soaking

  1. How exciting about the magazine! You must be thrilled! Keep us posted on when it comes out, I’d love to read it. Congrats! Sarah

  2. How very exciting for you Courtney!!!! I can’t wait to read it.

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