Tour de Fleece 2014: Days 8-End

tdf2014.jg(note, one of our team members made this ravatar for us.  I can’t claim it but thought it was awesome.)

I fell off the bandwagon.  Mostly because, well, LIFE, got in the way.  I made it about 17 days of the 22 days.  Part of that was work (at a client’s office then a fun but crazy work project) and part was personal stuff (kitty is sick – biopsy later this week and my grandmother was in the hospital and now in skilled care).  I sorta hit my max and was barely doing any knitting.

As you might recall my goal was to spin every day.  So yeah, not so much. I am going to pick up where I left off though.  Lot of fiber prep stuff.

Day Eight
Day 8

Today was more about the fleece than the spinning. I bought part of a Cormo Border cross fleece in April (Alice) and really needed to get this puppy washed. So today I skirted and washed 21 ounces of raw fiber.

Day Nine
Day 9

Not a lot of spinning time as I went to the fair with friends. But, I sat down for two episodes of Merlin to spin. Since I finished my blue/purple yarn (more about that in another post) I started on something new, sort of. The next fiber is something I started many months ago. It’s a 50/50 merino/silk blend from wooliebullie in a rich burgundy color. I bought 4.0 ounces of it and had previously spun 0.5 ounces of it. I’m spinning it superfine so its sloooow going. I only managed 0.1 ounce tonight – no joke.

Day Ten
Day 10

Spun another 0.1 ounces. Added a penny to give you some idea of the yarn weight of the singles. At this rate I might be done by Christmas?

Day Eleven
Day 11

I spent about an hour flicking tips on the fleece I washed the Saturday before. I did not open up the tips enough first time around and now there is dirt trapped in the tips. At the time I thought a rewash might be in order but I actually think it may be ok now.

Day Twelve – Ooops

No spinning or fiber prep work but I did finish the border of my shawl and was excited to move on to the body of it.

Days Thirteen and Fourteen

Both days I did fiber prep. I’m (still) in the process of flicking the tips of the fleece I washed the weekend before. Putting an isolated amount in the plastic tub to work on helped.

Day Fifteen
Tons of fiber prep! A friend came over to help in exchange for a part of the fleece. We skirted that fleece like crazy and unfortunately had a lot of large pieces that, due to tons tiny imbedded VM, had to be trashed. But here’s what we did get!  I’ve played with it a bit more since then and the little bits still aren’t coming out.  Note to self – don’t every buy a fine fleece with this much VM.

Days Sixteen and Seventeen
Day 17
I saw someone destashing a trindle and arm sets on Rav and snatched it up.  It came and so I spent a couple days playing on it.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your grandma and kitty. The spinning you did do looks great though even if you didn’t meet your goal.

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