Finished Handspun – Blue and Purple Skeins


What I Started With


Remember that other batt I carded in the class I took? With purple, blue and a little sparkle? Since the colors and fibers were pretty uniform in this batt I tore the batt into strips to spin.  I then pulled it apart to pre-draft, grabbing all the colors.  I spun it, and the solid, medium purple merino from LunaBudKnits, as individual singles.

I spun enough of the purple for the plying and then plied them together.  After plying I ended up with 200 yards of sport/dk weight-ish yarn in 2.6 ounces.  Not much.  So I went ahead and spun the rest of the purple and plied it on itself. Ended up with 100 yards in 0.9 ounces.


I actually like the colors and the minimalist sparkle but am a bit disappointed with the yardage.  Even putting them together its only 300 yards which is enough for a small cowl but not a shawl as I originally planned.  So I may spin up something else to go with it.  Black maybe?



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2 responses to “Finished Handspun – Blue and Purple Skeins

  1. tabby2004

    I think your yarn turned out great – love the colours!

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