August Odds n’ Ends

The end of August is quickly approaching so I thought I’d take the chance to write a post with some odds n’ ends – quick updates, future blog posts and things to look forward to.


  • I’m hard at work on my spinning for the Ply article.  Actually, I should finish plying tonight and try the different finishing techniques sometime later this week.  I hope.  After that I need to knit samples, write the articles and some of the other sundry items (a bio, a picture, etc.).   I should add – spinning undyed fiber is incredibly boring for me.
  • Fiber swap time! I co-moderate the Kromski Spinning Wheel Owners group on Ravelry – if you have (or just like) Kromski products you should join us for a fiber swap.  Signups will start this weekend and run for one week.  More details over here.  They’re always a lot of fun if you like trying something new.
  • The kitty’s stitches were removed today and the cone of shame came off.  We’re all happy about that – especially since she’d taken to licking the cone.
  • Upcoming blog posts – anything else you’d like to see?
    • Yet this week, a fun tutorial on making some wall art using a clock, knitting needles, icord and a power drill.
    • A finish project – knitted cupcakes!
    • Some reviews on a couple products (needle set, a trindle and a couple books).  Is there anything in particular you’d like me to review?
    • Events – Spinzilla, The Wool Gathering in Ohio and demonstrating at a living history museum.
    • Farm feature – in the next couple months I’ll be going out to the alpaca farm of one of my favorite indie-dyers.  Find out what all she does (a LOT) and what products she offers.
    • A couple posts on traveling with your spinning or knitting. By car, by plane, by boat, we’re gonna cover it.



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  1. I love blogs that show the entirety of the blogger and I can’t wait for the upcoming posts.

    Do you spindle spin? If you do, tips and tricks would be nice to see.

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