DIY Craft Room Clock (Tutorial)


My loft is where I keep and do my spinning and knitting.  I wanted some themed wall art and what could be better than a clock? I’d seen a couple similar ideas – a clock with yarn around the edge and a clock with knitting needles (here).  So I combined them together .


  • Inexpensive clock (mine was $5 at Target) with plastic rim
  • Yarn (I used a little over 100 grams of fingering)
  • Clover Wonder Knitter or needles to knit icord
  • 12 metal knitting needles
  • Hot Glue
  • Drill with various bit sizes


  1. Disassemble the clock so the rim is free and determine where you want the needles placed.  I marked each spot with a white pencil with the needle size.
  2. Make a little indent by twisting a small drill bit on each marked spot.  This is will make it easier to drill a hole.
  3. Using an appropriate sized drill bit drill each of the twelve holes.  If you go slow while drilling the plastic shouldn’t crack.  It might melt a little bit around the edges but is easy to break off.  Set the rim and needles aside.
  4. Time to knit some icord! Knit enough three stitch icord to wrap it around the rim tightly.  This is where the Clover Wonder Knitter (or a similar tool) comes in handy.  You could just wrap the yarn around the rim but I think the icord gives it more texture.
  5. Glue one end of the icord down inside the rim and start wrapping the icord tightly around the rim. You will want to glue any ends on the inside but be careful not to get any glue in the drilled holes.
  6. Stick the needles through the icord and the holes then place a couple dabs of glue to seat the needles.  That should keep them from sliding around.
  7. Leaving out the glass, put the back of the clock into the rim. Depending on your clock, it likely will not fit all the back down like it was designed. However, you should be able to push it in far enough that it feels secure and there’s still a bit of lip from the rim stick up above the backing.
  8. Glue the backing to that lip with the hot glue gun.  You’ll want a pretty good size bead of glue since you are gluing plastic to the icord.
  9. Hang up your clock, step back and admire!



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