Finished Object – Cupcakes

A little finished project – knitted cupcakes!


Tell me those aren’t the cutest? I have a running joke with my work colleague (actually boss) in Colorado whenever you do something well you get a cupcake or cookie.  And we like our cupcakes. So, I knit these three and sent them off to her with a stack of cookies.  I’m fairly certain her husband ate most of the cookies.  But, she did seem to get a kick out of the cupcakes.  From left to right above they’re supposed to be a red velvet, double chocolate and vanilla with strawberry icing.  For anyone wondering about the excessive use of pink (especially anyone knowing how much I dislike pink), my boss really likes pink.  Silly.

Moving on to the details.

Needle – US 4 double points

Pattern – Cherry on Top (Ravelry pattern here) from Happy Seamstress. I looked at a couple different cupcake patterns and liked this one the best.  Once you get it started its a pretty easy and quick knit.  The pattern suggests different colors for different types of cupcakes and the directions are easy to follow. Getting it started (something like three or four stitches on DPNs) can be tedious though.  Pattern is $2.99 Canadian on Ravelry.

Yarn –  Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted (WOTA).  WOTA is a blend of corriedale and merino wool. Personally, I don’t think it’s very soft and wouldn’t use it for next to the skin.  A 50 gram ball is 110 yards. I used the following colors: Cloud, Brass Heather, Chestnut, Bittersweet Heather, Firecracker Heather, Pink Posy Heather and Rouge .  The pattern recommends this yarn and the colors it suggests are from this yarn line.  Given how little you use if you have worsted weight yarn suited to this project I would go ahead and use it.

I stuffed the cupcakes with poly-fil and sewed on tube beads for sprinkles.  My project page on Rav is here.


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