Spinning Demo at Billie Creek Village

Billie Creek Village in Rockville, Indiana

Village View 2Billie Creek Village is an open-air living history museum about an hour west of Indianapolis.  It just re-opened this year and they are working hard at bringing it back to life.  It represents the 1800s and includes buildings from the 1830s.  Most of the buildings were donated and moved to Billie Creek Village. There is a general store, two churches, a blacksmith and several other buildings.  They are adding additional activities, including a musical group and hopefully an 1800s era baseball game.

012In August I started volunteering there demonstrating spinning. I went with several of the other ladies from our spinning group (from left to right: Rachel, Becky, Me and Heather) and, since it had just poured rain, we set up in the governor’s house.  This house was built in the 1850s and had three rooms.  Despite being hot and muggy out the house was surprisingly cool.

Govenors HouseWe spent the afternoon talking to visitors while spinning.  On a table we laid our several samples of fiber (raw, washed, prepped), handspun yarn and projects knit from handspun.

DisplayI took my wheel and my drop spindle. I spun on the spindle because I could stand in the doorway and get some fresh air. And, just spinning in a house built in the 1850s was pretty darn cool.

Spinning black and white



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2 responses to “Spinning Demo at Billie Creek Village

  1. So jealous! It’s awesome that you guys got to demonstrate there and that shot of you in the doorway … just beautiful!!!

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