Get Ready for Spinzilla with 7 Tips!

Remember Tour de Fleece? Remember how it was nearly three weeks long and I fell off the proverbial wagon? I’m at it again.  This time it is Spinzilla and its only one week.  One week to spin as much as possible (yardage wise).

So what is Spinzilla? Spinzilla is a world-wide spinning competition where competing teams and individuals challenge each other to see who can spin the most yarn in a week.  Watch the video here (I love just watching it every now and then).  Here are the details:

  • Spinzilla runs October 6th through October 12th.  For handspun to be counted towards your yardage it has to be spun during those timespan.
  • You can spin on a team or as a rogue spinner.  I would invite you to join Team Kromski but we’re already filled up.  Thanks to Kromski NA for sponsoring a team!
  • The push goal for everyone this year is to spin at least a mile (1,760 yards).
  • This year there will be credit given for plying – yahoo!

If you’re interested in signing up visit here for teams and here for rogue spinners.

To maximize my spinning time that week I’ve come up with seven key items.

  1. Clear off bobbins – I have two spinning projects in process and I’m hoping to at least finish one this month.  That should give me plenty of bobbins for the week.
  2. Do some test spinning to determine the best mix of yardage and time efficiency based on spinning prep/method.  I’m planning to do a few “time trials” to see if the extra time it takes me to spin lace (vs. my sportweight default) is worth it and if any prep (batts vs. top) is faster than the other.
  3. Choose the fiber – I sort of have a tentative list but it may changed based on the test spinning above and if I find anything awesome and magical at Wool Gathering later this week.  At my default sport-weight 2-ply I need about 16 ounces of fiber.  So far I’ve set aside about 24 ounces but, again, that might change.
  4. Prep the fiber – For Spinzilla you’re allowed to do any prep work ahead of time – basically anything prior to feeding it through the orifice of the wheel.  Carding and combing are obviously included in that but I got to thinking that could also include any pre-drafting or other preparing.  I spin best out of uncompacted top or batts torn into strips.  So, I plan to go ahead and do those steps before the sixth.  That will save me that time during the week and let me concentrate on spinning.
  5. Setup a workspace – Ideally it would be a timesaver (and more convenient) to have one space devoted to your spinning – a place where you can spin each day, have your fiber handy, ply, wind off the bobbin, wash and dry your handspun.  At the very least, a dedicated spinning spot.  I’ve selected my loft since my skein winder and fiber lives up there anyway.  I can spin, ply AND watch TV all right there.  In addition, the guest bath is right there so I can wash and dry the skeins.
  6. Have a backup plan – What would you do if your drive band broke? Or the fiber you planned to spin wasn’t working out? Have a backup plan and supplies available.  I have an extra drive band but I did realize today I don’t have any hemp/cord for my tension.
  7. Limit non-spinning time – Obviously, the more time you have available for spinning, the more you will get spun.  So while I can’t do much about my job (although I may take one day off), I can minimize my housework.  My goal is to get as much work and house chores as possible out of the way.  That means the weekend before I plan to pickup/clean the house, groom the bunny, cook meals for the week, package up meals/snacks I need for work and do the grocery shopping.  So that will be a busy weekend!

Is anyone else interested in participating? Team signup runs until September 22 and rouge spinner sign up runs until October 3.  Please let me know if you’re participating – let’s cheer each other on!



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  1. Always good to have incentives to do what we enjoy.

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