T Minus 5 Hours Until Spinzilla

Spinzilla starts in 5 hours.  12:01am local time to be exact.  Is everyone ready?


I only sort of am.  Eeek!  The major thing I didn’t get done was predrafting my fiber. What I did get predrafting took a lot longer than I expected (evil, evil Malabrigo Nube).  But, I’m about to a stopping point so I can catch a nap before midnight. I will probably post mid-week about my progress but it will probably be short and picture heavy.  Sometime early next week I’ll have a proper detailed post about what I spun, etc.  Anyways, here’s what I did get done in the past week to prepare for Spinzilla.

    • I cleaned my wheel and replaced the drive band last weekend.  And I mean I deep cleaned this puppy – all the grease, fuzzies and dust.  The drive band was stretched out and needed to be replaced so I could use my lace flyer.


    • Made and bought food for the week that requires minimal prep time.  Chili, a couple freezer meals, muffins, fruit and cheese for snacks and plenty of diet dew.
    • Picked out fibers.  At the time there were 28 ounces.  Today I added another 4 because I thought I might run short.

Spinzilla Fibers

    • Prepped/predrafted fibers.  Unfortunately, only about 14 ounces are truly predrafted.  I might finish 2 more ounces before I go take that nap.  At least everyone is split out into two equal bags (one for each ply).  The nube is in three bags because I’m going to do a three ply.


    • Setup the spinning area.  I took some stuff out of the loft (my swift, fiber that doesn’t fit in bins, etc) to have plenty of open space.  I spin in my recliner and ply in the wooden chair.  The skeinwinder is right next to my weighing/measuring station.  And the TV is viewable from everywhere.


    • Setup my washing/drying space.  I was going to use the guest bath off the loft but I will have a guest one night this week and highly doubt he wants to take a shower with a drying rack.  So, I setup in my master bath tub which actually has more room.  I usually wash my handspun with Eucalan but I set out a bit of synthropol in case there is any dye issues.



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