Spinzilla Results!

5,212 Spinzilla yards, 16 ounces and 72 hours.  Phew.  It may take me a week to catch back up on sleep. Mussatt Spinzilla 2014 CollageNote: Spinzilla counts yardage a little different than most of us do when we’re spinning.  You get credit for the singles and plying. 

First – a shout out to Team Kromski and Becky at Kromski NA (used to be New Voyager Trading)! Our team was awesome about staying active on the message board, encouraging each other and helping to solve problems teammates were having.  I will miss this camaraderie of this week.  What a wonderful group of ladies (and gent)! I’ll have another couple posts later this week/early next week about the actual handspun and what I thought of the fibers so for now let’s talk about how the week went.

Since I took Monday off work I started spinning Monday morning at about 12:15am, stopped around 5am and then slept until about 10.  That is actually what my body prefers and does naturally. On Monday, midnight to midnight, I spun the Malabrigo Nube singles which was 4 ounces (on 3 bobbins since I knew I was going to do a 3-ply) and then 1 ounce of the green Fiber Optic Siren Song.  For now, just know the Nube was a pain and hard to draft.  I could have started plying the Nube Monday evening but thought I’d wait.

Tuesday I plied the Nube.  I now remember what I don’t do 3-ply except when navajo plying.  Even though I carefully measured out my four ounces into 3 equal piles of fluff and tried my best to spin consistently, I ended up with different amount on the bobbins.  Now, when you 2-ply, its not too much of an issue – make an andean plying bracelet and finish it up.  But with a 3-ply you don’t always have 2 ends.  It was not pleasant. Untitled On Wednesday I worked on the green Fiber Optic some more before finishing it up on Thursday and starting on the purple Fiber Optic.  Friday, I finished the purple and then plied the green with the purple.  Yes, I did not let them rest overnight – apparently my standards got lower as the week progressed. As usual, the fiber from Fiber Optic was amazing. c Saturday and Sunday I spun and plied the blue/purple merino from The Spinner’s Cottage.  Gorgeous fiber.  Sunday my wheel started getting fussy while we were spinning out at the living history museum.  Drive band flew off a couple times, yarn wouldn’t take up onto the bobbin, etc.  I need to play with it a bit so I can send an email to Kromski NA with the problems I’m having.  Hopefully Becky can work her magic and tell me what’s up. Spinzilla ended at midnight Sunday night/Monday morning.  I finished plying at 11:45pm.  Wound it off, washed it, took care of some emails and was out cold by 1am.

This evening I got the photo collages done, yarn and photo submitted, added the handspun in Ravelry and did just a wee bit of pattern searching.  I’ll talk more about the handspun later but I’m looking for a semi-circular or crescent shaped shawl with beads that only uses 400 yards of fingering. So that was Spinzilla week in a nutshell! As usual, it took longer than I expected to spin singles. Really, I expected to spin 20-24 ounces instead of the 16.  But, I did the best I could and now I’m done! I liked it better than Tour de Fleece because it doesn’t drag out but next year I may need to lessen my goals a bit. Remind me of that in a year 🙂



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2 responses to “Spinzilla Results!

  1. Your handspun looks lovely. Was the blue green color scheme intentional or did you spin what grabbed you?

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