Finished Handspun – Fiber Optic Siren Song

Handspun 3 of 3 for Spinzilla.   Eight ounces of Fiber Optic’s Siren Song in two different colors (four ounces each) This is part review/part what I spun.

Fiber Optic Collage

Review of Fiber Optic’s Siren Song Unspun

If you didn’t already know, I’m a bit of a Fiber Optic junkie.  And this is not the first time I’ve spun this stuff.  It comes as pencil roving and practically just drafts itself. I bought this in 2013 at The Fiber Event in Greencastle and knew I wanted to ply the two colors together.  The green was just labeled “Once in a Lifetime” and the purple was “Vineyard Batik.”  I started with 4 ounces of each so how I ended up with 8.2 ounces total is a bit of a mystery.  Siren Song is 70% superwash merino and 30% seacell.

The biggest draws of fibers from Fiber Optic are the nice bases and the amazing dye jobs.  The dyes saturate the fibers fully and you end up with a deep, rich color.  Her website is here but it is pretty tough to find some of the items in stock (like Siren Song Unspun).  Your best bet is to find it at a fiber festival or, in about a month, at her store in Ohio.


Spinning Process

Rav page

Ounces: 8.2

Yards: 978

Weight: Light Fingering

I tore the pencil roving in half for predrafting, again for the ability to predraft before Spinzilla started and knew that would save me some time.  I spun each color as singles and then plied them together as a two-ply.  You’ll notice a bit of purple left over.  46 yard to be specific.  Apparently that how far off I was in keeping the singles even.

No ideas yet on what I’m going to make out of this.  It is going to have some serious drape so nothing fitted. Maybe a big, long cowl?




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3 responses to “Finished Handspun – Fiber Optic Siren Song

  1. You are a spinning demon! Love the end product.

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