On The Needles – October 2014

What’s on my needles right now!


Post Spinzilla I haven’t done any spinning.  The first weekend after I reorganized my stash, picked up the loft and put together project bags.  Putting together project bags is basically my OCD version of startitis.  I select my top projects I want to knit and bag up the yarn, pattern and needles.  It looks a lot like the picture above.  There’s actually more project bags not pictured but I’m only going to talk about those I’ve already started or actually plan to work on within the next month.  I have an additional five queued, bagged and ready to go.

  • Reverse Spectra – I started this puppy in May, put it away for several months and then actually completed over a dozen of the wedges.  But, I have several oopsies along the edging and I wasn’t happy with how I carried the black yarn so I ripped it out.  Knitted about six wedges and had to rip again.  Hopefully third time is a charm.  The pattern is Spectra by Stephen West.  Gradient yarn is Turquoise to Tangerine gradient on FootNotes from Fiber Optic Yarns.  The solid black is also in FootNotes.  Most people have used the gradient for the wedges but I mixed things up and used the solid for the wedges!




  • Watering in the Garden Shawl – This one is bagged up except the pattern.  I changed my mind when I noticed my prior selection did not have charts for the lace.  Knitting lace without charts didn’t sound too appealing.  Anyways, pattern change.  This is a shawl for me I hope to be able to wear to holiday parties.  Yarn is Crimson to Black gradient from Fiber Optic Yarns. The pattern is Watering in the Garden Shawlette by Giddy Davies.



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