Finished Object – Up & Away Hat


Hey looky! I started and finished something and it *didn’t* take three months.  I started this week before last knowing it would be an easy travel project for a work conference in Orlando.  I actually cast on and knit up to where the silver started at home so it would pre-started and I wouldn’t have to worry about changing needles.  I flew down on to Orlando on a Satruday (6:20am flight – what fun) and finished up the green as I was waiting for my bag at baggage claim.  I really enjoyed the colorwork pattern – it was so much fun to watch the design develop.

Moving on.  My Rav project page is here.


Pattern – Up . . .up & Away (Ravelry pattern here) from Grace Akhrem (website here).  This is a beanie style hat worked in two colors with some rows using both colors..   The second color is carried up the rows so only four ends total to weave in.  I love stranded color knitting for its simplicity and the fun of seeing what happens next.  DK weight yarn in two solid colors that contrast would look best – you want the colors to pop against each other. Pattern is $7.00 on Ravelry.

Yarn –  Sublime Yarns’ Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK (Rav link)(Company website).  Sublime is a line from the English yarn company Sirdar which was distributed in the US by Knitting Fever (it appears Knitting Fever no longer distributes Sublime since I can’t find it on their website).  This particular yarn is a DK weight blend of 75% merino, 20% silk and 5% cashmere.  A 50 gram ball is 127 yards and the yarn is tightly plied.  I used 89 yards of the green and 51 yards of the gray for the whole hat (so you couldn’t quite get two hats out of two 50 gram balls).  The green colorway is number 0336 and the gray is 0276.  I would buy this yarn 100 times over – its durable and squishy soft.


Pattern Mods

1. Circumference – the pattern indicates the body circumference is 20.5” at a gauge of 5.5 sts/inch. On size 4s I came out to 5.75 sts/inch and 7 rounds/inch. Going up to a size 5 needle resulted in too loose of a fabric and was under 5 sts/inch. So I stuck with my size 4s, knowing I’d need to do a little tweaking for height. I did not adjust the circumference (number of stitches around) since I have a small-ish head and wanted it to fit tight. The finished result was pretty tight but it fits and I expect it will stretch out. I could have gone with it a bit longer at the end.

2. Cast on 112 and just did a 3×1 rib over 11 rounds for the brim – none of the decreasing in the pattern. This was two more rounds than the pattern to add length (see next note).

3. The first step on the body is to knit 5 rounds – I knit 8 total, again to add length. Here’s about where math went wonky. Based on the row gauge and the number of rows per the pattern I should have had about 2.2 inches knit so far. I knew my row gauge was off a bit but only by about 1.5 rounds per inch. I was no where near the 2.2 inches (mine was more like 1.5 inches). So, fuzzy math aside, I added 5 rows to the pattern between the brim and body.

4. I did the same round exercise when I got to the crown shaping and now my hat was too tall! So I needed to eliminate rounds. In the crown shaping section I only knit one round between the decrease rounds (6-8, 10-11 and 13-14). This eliminated 4 rounds.

5. In the grand scheme I only added one round and could have possibly knit the pattern without any mods. But, I actually would have preferred the hat to be longer (I ended up 1/4 of an inch longer than the pattern length). I think a 9 inch beanie would be better for me.



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6 responses to “Finished Object – Up & Away Hat

  1. I love your colour combo 🙂

  2. it is nice work, and the colours are beautiful.

  3. I LOVE this! The color combination is lovely

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