Traveling with Your Knitting Pt. 3/3 – By Car

By plane, by car – today we’re going to talk about traveling with your knitting projects by car (or train, or boat).


Assuming you’re not driving, you’ve got plenty of quality knitting time available to you in the car.  I went to Disney World this spring and we drove from Illinois to Florida.  I shared the driving responsibility with my dad but even so that left a lot of time for knitting.  And watching Disney movies (per the above photo – you will note the current favorite was Frozen).

In many ways, traveling by car is easier.  You can take what you want and, space permitting, how much you want.

So you’re packed up and ready to go.  Fill up the tank and lets get on the road.

Traveling by Car/Train

  • There really aren’t too many special considerations for knitting in a car.  I’m assuming here you’re not the one doing the driving – that’s just not safe.
  • It is sometimes a challenge to find someplace to mount your pattern where you can see it.  Sometimes it will stay on my lap and sometimes I can wedge it in somewhere.  I have more trouble trying to keep up with notions, in particular, stitch markers.  Your little notion bag will help with that.
  • If your driver is a start and stop driver, lace is not a good choice.  I can speak from experience.  I gave up trying to explain that it is NOT necessary to run up behind another car and slam on the brakes.  Probably explains the colony of stitch markers under the passenger seat.
  • Keep your yarn inside your WIP bag.  You don’t want it rolling around the dirty floorboard.
  • If you want to knit at night, and assuming it won’t bother the driver, look into the small head mounted lights.  Much easier than trying to wrangle a flashlight.

car dash

Those are all my little tips and tricks.  Do you have any others? Do you get much knitting done in the car?



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2 responses to “Traveling with Your Knitting Pt. 3/3 – By Car

  1. Linda

    I’m not a fan of headlamps, because if you look at the driver, that person gets a blast of light in the dark car. There are other types of lights that will stay pointed at your knitting that are probably safer.

    • There are some neck strap ones but when I borrowed one from a friend I couldn’t get it to stay pointed where I wanted it. If I’m knitting in a car at night and not driving I’m usually with my family so I’m in the back. Or I give up to read at that point.

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