Meet the miniSpinner!

Two weeks ago I promised some exciting news.  Well, here it is – I bought a Hansen miniSpinner.  I had looked at them a couple times but never pulled the trigger.  Then the whole back/leg thing started and I decided it was finally the right time.  I big shout-out to Kat who ordered her’s a couple weeks before me and had some valuable input to provide!  Please help me find a name for her by replying to this post – I can’t even come up with ideas!

boxFor those of you that are not familiar with these cool devices, they are electric spinning wheels (aka espinners). The treadling is replaced by a motor and the device itself is about the size of a shoebox.  The best part for me is I can spin in about any position.  You turn the spinner on and off by tapping a small pedal that can be set anywhere.

This will not be a full review as I want to spend time with her first.  But, here’s the quick details:

  • I bought mine from HansenCrafts and they make the “miniSpinner”.  They’re based out of Washington and were amazing to deal with.
  • I got the cherry miniSpinner (they have a ton of different woods available) with a lace flyer and a woolee winder flyer.  The woolee winder flyer may have been the smartest purchase I made – it is an awesome tool.
  • It came with one bobbin for each flyer and I ordered two extra of the the lace bobbins.  The lace bobbins come apart on the ends but so far they’re hard to take apart and put back together – I’m hoping they ease up with time and use.
  • I also got some orifice reducers and the maintenance kit, but those aren’t very exciting.
  • I want to get a battery for when I’m not at home – maybe Santa will bring one.

I’m not kidding when I say you can spin in about any position.

in action

Thus far I’ve spun several samples (2-ply) and am very pleased.  I want to practice more with the woolee winder flyer to see if I can get to the point of being able to spin laceweight singles on it.  First though I plan to finish up the 4 ounces of merino/bamboo/silk I’m working through.

Again – if you have any ideas of what to name my new spinner – suggestions are welcome!

As a personal side note, I had an MRI done – “large” herniated disc at the L5/S1 (large is what the doc called it).  Physical therapy is not helping so we’re investigating the next option – a steroid shot.

holding yarn


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  1. What a cool little spinner! I’m sorry to hear about your back and hope that you are on the mend soon. Sarah R.

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