Fun miniSpinner Accessories!


I still love my miniSpinner and spin on it just about everyday.  I thought I’d tell you about the fun items I got to go with it and what I want to get in the future.

  • I ordered two woolee winder bobbins from Akerworks.  They make “Flat-Pack” bobbins which are easily taken apart for storage and transportation.  Seriously, check out their website – they make bobbins for many different kinds of wheels, with even more in development.  The bobbins ends are made by a 3-D printing machine and snap/twist onto the aluminum core.  The ends come in 16 different colors and about 5 different designs.  Customer service was awesome (thanks Adan!).  I hope to buy more in the future (Santa – please take note) and will do a separate review of these after I get some more bobbins.


  • miniSpinner users on Ravelry recommended two bags – a Zuca Pro (which is huge but has the benefit of also being a table to set the miniSpinner on) and an eBag Crew Cooler 2.  Since the eBag was only $40, I got it for now.  It’s a tight fit with both flyers and I don’t have a battery in it yet.  We’ll see how it works out.


  • Lastly, because the woolee winder bobbins are huge, I needed a different lazy kate.  I went with the miniKate from TravelKate, which fits in the top pocket of the eBag.  It came last week and I’m still spinning singles (4 ounces takes forever when spinning laceweight singles) so I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.  However, again, the customer service was great and it is American made.  I’ll likely do a review of this as well in the future.



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