2015 Goals

Well its time for those goals I mentioned.  Nothing like blogging them to hold myself accountable.  Yikes!

Yarn Crawl Shop - Sheep Street


  1. Improve knitting efficiency, as measured by stitches per minute, by 50%.  Research lever knitting and Miriam Teagle.
  2. Knit one sweater and one shrug.
  3. Finish twelve projects, approximately one per month.
  4. Design and publish four patterns.


  1. Spinning six ounces per month (or 72 ounces for the year) from stash.
  2. Spin two ounces with beads.
  3. Spin four ounces long-draw.
  4. Consistently spin eight ounces of worsted-weight.

Fiber Arts

  1. Finish flicking Alice fleece by end of March.
  2. Clean two current alpaca fleeces and any new by the end of October.
  3. Test process suri alpaca (carding).
  4. Finish combing Buster fleece.

2014-02-14 022



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2 responses to “2015 Goals

  1. I feel exhausted just reading this! I hope you get it all done.

    • I’ve already discovered an ounce based goal on the spinning isn’t the smartest if you spin fine. I’m considering revising that to a yardage based goal. Thanks for reading!

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