Catch Up Time

So it’s been a while – 2 days shy of a full month (one day by the time this posts) since my last post.  Life got busy.  Want some highlights?

  • A few work trips. First was one on 36 hours notice where I flew round trip in one day.  Left my house at 5:15am and got home at about 1:00am, but, at least it was a good meeting with no delays and I learned a lot.  Another trip was with my boss, who is wonderful.  I always learn a lot from her and seeing what some of our clients do in detail is fascinating.  In general, I like work trips.  If I fly, I usually read for work or knit – since seats have shrunk even more its pretty hard to get my laptop out and work.  I also knit in those 5-15 minute gaps (waiting at the baggage claim, waiting to meet for breakfast, etc.) which really adds up.  Most of my colleagues know I knit and spin.  Sometimes there is good-natured joking but no one ever makes fun of it.  I suppose the fact I carry pointy sticks helps with that fact.


  • It’s busy season at work now and 55 hours per week are normal.  Sometimes, I’m worn out and just want the week to end.  But, when I’m working on interesting projects and have stuff to do it’s not too bad.  The worst is when we don’t have the client work and I get bored.  I don’t handle boredom or slow well.  Shocking, I know.  At any rate, this may affect my goal of one blog post per week.  I usually try to write several at a time to give myself a reserve but that may not happen as frequently.
  • Had one sudden trip home to Missouri in January to see my grandmother.  She is now on hospice in the same town as my parents as her health deteriorates.  I was able to go home (my back didn’t exactly appreciate the six hour drive) and spend a substantial amount of time with her while she could remember who I was.  I stayed at the nursing home most days and one night and either worked or knit as she slept.  My wonderful friends in Indiana took care of everything while I was gone and it was such a relief not to have to think about if the trash was taken out or if the critters were fed.  Nursing home had wifi so Christopher was set with YouTube on my iPad.


  • I had a birthday – 31.  About as exciting as 30.  And 29.  But definitely more fun than 30! I ended up going over to my friend’s house for dinner.  I picked up Thai food for us and she got a singing balloon (which terrifies the cat) and chocolate cake.  We ate, talked and watched Star Trek (TNG) with her son.  That ranks pretty high in my book! She got me a skein of Malabrigo Sock in an absolutely beautiful green/dark denim blue colorway.  So squishy soft I think it will grow up to be a cowl.  I also got lots of birthday wishes from my coworkers.  Two sang to me over the phone, one sent me the card below (it sings – check out my instagram) and cherry m&ms, one brought me cookies and I received lovely IMs and emails throughout the day.  Pretty nice birthday!


  • Hmmm, spinning group was today with three friends.  The usual hijinx – wine, snacks, laughing and spinning.  And we moved a piece of furniture around a corner.
  • Home DIY time! I’ve got a couple DIY projects in the works. The first is some backsplash tiles between the sink and the window as I have waaay more trouble with splashes and stuff there than behind the stove.  I’m hoping to fine those peel and stick tiles in the small glass tiles with some red, black/gray, warm tones (to match the cabinets and countertop) and other mixed colors.  Once I find that I’m planning to paint the center island a deep barn/brick red.  Right now it’s white with black trim and gray/black tiles on top (seriously, my island is two kitchen cabinets put together back-to-back). There’s another DIY project in the works but it will merit its own separate post.
  • Preview of coming post: Finished Object (Spectra Scarf); On the Needles; On the Wheels; DIY Cleaning Supplies (because my wonderful pal Nicky has asked); Craft Room Expansion; 2015 Events and some reviews.  Phew – stay tuned!


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2 responses to “Catch Up Time

  1. Sounds like you had a very busy month. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandma; I’ll be praying for her, you and the rest of your family. ❤

    I can't wait to read about your DIY adventures. The back splash colours sound wonderful and you already know how I feel about the cleaning supplies. 😀

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