Finished Object – Spectra Scarf


I started this last May while on vacation with my family.  It’s been restarted many, many times.  Enough such that when I told a coworker I was finished he asked if it was “40 feet long.”  I put it on the back-burner several times to work on other projects too.  I just don’t think I’m cut out for scarf knitting – I get in my groove and BAM, it’s the end of a row.  I’m happy with how it turned out.  Very bright is typically not my color pallete but for this it looks sleek.  I’m also glad I flipped the Color A and Color B.  Normally the wedges are the gradient but I used the gradient for the background and black for the wedges.

Moving on.  My Rav project page is here.


Pattern – Spectra (Ravelry pattern here) from Stephen West of West Knits.  This is a scarf that uses shaping to create the wedges and coiling effect.  Intarsia (type of colorwork) is used with two colors, one of which is usually a gradient.  The wedge pattern is easy to memorize (wrap and turns on multiples of 6) and you basically just keep going until you have the correct number of wedges.  The pattern doesn’t state how to carry the wedge yarn (black in my case) so I just twisted the two yarns any time I was on a right side row. Fingering weight yarn in two colors (one solid, one gradient) that contrast would look best – you want the colors to pop against each other. Pattern is $6.00 on Ravelry.


Yarn –  Fiber Optic Yarns Footnotes Paintbox.  Footnotes is a fingering weight blend of 80% superwash merin  and 20% nylon. One Paintbox contains 15 mini-skeins of 30 yards each in progressing gradient colors.  A paintbox is 450 yards.  I used the entire paintbox of my turquoise to tangerine gradient for my scarf.  For the black wedges I used a skein of regular Footnotes in Morticia Black and needed 153 yards.  Obviously, the background color uses more yardage than the wedges.


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