Project #FiberRoom

If you’ve seen my Instagram photos you know that there’s a little house project going on this month.  New fiber space should be online sometime in March!


Long story short, there is (well, was) one carpeted room on the main floor of the house. I had a pull-out sofa sleeper in there and very rarely (like, twice a year) used it as a guest room.  It was very obviously designed to be used as a home office (french doors, no closet) but I quite like my corner office upstairs. So, the main floor room is getting a re-vamp so its actually functional.

I’ve wanted a space, without carpet, to do fiber prep – the carding, combing, flicking, etc.  If you’ve ever done that, you tend to get dirt, VM and other various “things” on the floor – things that don’t vacuum up. Historically, I’ve pulled the required equipment out to the dining area and used it there.  Which means I, of course, don’t eat at the table.  Anyways, between needing a space and really wanting to get the carpet off the main floor (no more lugging the vacuum and and down the stairs!), the “front room” was an ideal choice.


Current Progress. One Sunday after spinning the lovely ladies helped me get the sofa sleeper out of the room.  Right now its hanging in the living room, which is a bit crowded with two sofas and two large chairs.  But, the sofa sleeper will just have to stay for a while.  Last weekend my friend came over with her son and out came the other big piece of furniture (a dry sink) and up came the carpet, foam pad and tackstrips.  Thank heavens for my friend’s son who strong and got the tack strips up in a matter of minutes.


Upcoming. I knew I wanted to replace the carpet with a hardwood-looking laminate, similar to what is in the rest of the main floor.  With some, um, help from the cat (and my handy-dandy handyman), I chose a sample and placed the order from Lowes. It was supposed to be in Thursday and on Friday I called.  Lowe’s has no idea where the order is.  They placed it (and charged my credit card) but don’t know where it is.  So now they’re “trying” to get it from another store on Monday.  There are some quality concerns (several boxes the store previously ordered were damaged) so my handyman, who is doing the install, is going to pick them up and inspect.  Looking doubtful at this point it will get installed this week.  Hopefully the first week of March now.


Design. This part is still kind of squishy.  I’ve made a little diagram, I’ve tried a couple different ideas but so far nothing is jumping out at me.  Plan A was organizing/storage furniture from Ikea to go along some of the walls and a center cart for the drumcarder, combs, etc. to clamp to.  But, a few hiccups.  One, it’s a kind of small room (10 by 10 feet) with a wide door opening.  Two, I haven’t found a cart I LOVE and still haven’t decided how to store my washed but otherwise unprocessed fleece.  Ideally, I would like to be able to see what’s in the storage medium but I also want them protected from pests.  For now I’ve tabled the design while I look around at second-hand stores for other ideas.


If you have any ideas – please share!


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  1. I can’t wait to see how this turns out! 😀

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