On The Needles – March 2015

What’s on my needles right now!


Between #projectfiberroom, family stuff and busy season at work, my knitting and spinning has suffered.  But, looking back to the last time I did an “On the Needles,” I have some updating to do.


  • Starshower Cowl – I got a little ways into this.  I need good light because the handspun is so dark.  I selected this to use my blue/purple handspun from Spinner’s Cottage.  The pattern is Starshower by Hilary Smith Callis.  It looks like it will be a cool knit – a cowl with a twist.  It is designed to be able to be worn around the shoulders.



  • Close Knit Waffle Hat – So I lost my hat that went with my cowl.  This is my everyday, matches my winter coat cowl and hat.  I got *really* lucky and found the same yarn, in the same dyelot, from my LYS (where I bought two skeins a year ago).  I’m knitting a different pattern but with the same number of cast on stitches and the same needle size.  I hope to be done tonight or tomorrow. Pattern is Close Knit Waffle Hat by Leah Bandstra of Close Knit Blog. Yarn is Misti Alpaca Tonos Chunky in Teal.


  • Diadem– Squeal! So excited to knit this.  As a bit of backstory, I dislike knitting socks and my friend Patty doesn’t always get along with lace (would be hard for you too with 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 bunnies and 2 kids).  So we decided to swap skills.  We each bought our own yarn and I am knitting her a lace shawl and she is knitting me socks.  I actually started another shawl but got real worried I would run out of yarn.  So Patty found this one which I had in my queue and am excited to start knitting.  So off I go.  Yarn is from Zen Garden (I think Serenity Silk – the light fingering weight one) and the pattern is Diadem by Ruth Greenwald.




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3 responses to “On The Needles – March 2015

  1. Just found you on Twitter 🙂
    And where, oh where did you get the Firefly project bag?!

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