2015 Fiber Classes – Greencastle and Hoosier Hills

Gray Alpaca Raw FleeceI promised a post about the classes I’m slated to teach this year and here it is! I’m teaching the same class twice – once in mid-April and once in early June.  As of today, that’s as far out as I have anything scheduled.  If you’re interested in taking this class or something on a different topic in a private setting please see my “Classes” tab above.

As a little preview I will say I’ve been getting my hands on some different fibers for us to examine, including mohair and some alpaca with short cuts, and I have a fun activity planned at the beginning of class to test your fiber ID knowledge.  I think this will be a ton of fun and very educational if you’re interested in buying fleeces.

Class Description:

Raw Fleeces – Identify and Demystify

So you want to buy your first raw fleece, but which one should you choose? Then what do you do with it? In this class you will discover what to consider when buying a fleece and what options are available for cleaning your fleece. We will examine wool, alpaca (suri and huacaya), angora and mohair to learn what constitutes a great raw fleece and what to watch out for. Then, participate in a discussion about skirting, washing and flicking for different types of fiber while we clean small samples from start to finish. Students will leave with a fiber selection and cleaning guide, as well as one or two washed samples.

  • April 17 (Friday) 9am-12pm at The Fiber Event in Greencastle, Indiana.  $35 plus $12 materials fee.  Click here to sign up. Greencastle is about a little over an hour west of Indianapolis.
  • June 6 1-4pm at Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival in Franklin, Indiana.  $30 plus $12 materials fee.  Click here to sign up. Franklin is about 30 miles south of Indianapolis.


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2 responses to “2015 Fiber Classes – Greencastle and Hoosier Hills

  1. Last year, I went to The Fiber Event for the first time. One of my very good friends moved back to Greencastle, so I flew up there and spent the weekend with her. We planned to do it again this year, and to take your class together. Then last week, my husband’s company decided to send him on a business trip to India 4/10-24. I get to go with him! I’ve never been to India before, and I’m excited to go, but I’m sad I’m going to miss The Fiber Event 😦

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