Finished Handspun – Woolgathering Purple/Pink/Blue


Usually I’m pretty good as guessing how a single braid of fiber will spin up.  But not this time.  When I bought this fiber I thought what I have now determined is pink was more magenta.  And I was cool with that.  But its pink.  Oh so pink.


The Process (Ravelry page)

  • 50% merino wool, 25% bamboo, 25% silk combed commercial top
  • 4.0 ounces unspun; 3.9 ounces spun
  • 952 yards / 3891 yards per pound
  • 34 wraps per inch (laceweight)
  • Spun on my Hansen miniSpinner on the lace flyer, plied on the Woolee Winder

I tore the top into strips for predrafting, mostly because I prefer predrafting and wanted to make sure the bamboo and silk were opened up.  I spun the singles together as a two ply.


What Will it Grow Up to Be

The pink is bugging me.  For those of you who know me in real life you know I don’t do pink.  So, it’s going to get overdyed.  I’m first going to try a medium purple Jacquard acid dye.  In theory the dye will only adhere to the merino and silk and not the bamboo but my understanding is it may color the bamboo in a lighter shade.  I’m actually kind of excited about that – I think with the different fibers this should come out a nice tonal, much like a kettle dyed yarn.  If I’m not happy with the resulting yarn color I’ll move on to a dye type that will dye both protein and non-protein fibers.



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One response to “Finished Handspun – Woolgathering Purple/Pink/Blue

  1. It’s a beautiful spin as is but I understand your not doing pink. I’m waiting to see what the result of over-dyeing is.

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