Project #FiberRoom Part 2

Despite all the goings-on lately, there has been progress.  Since our last update the floor was installed and some furniture moved back in.


Handyman Clay (whose wife is a knitter and spinner) beautifully installed the floor, the transition trip and the quarter-round along the baseboard.  I actually like this floor more than the floor in the rest of the downstairs.  I moved a couple pieces of furniture back into the fiber room (a table and dry sink).

Unfortunately the design portion of project #fiberroom is still in limbo. This room is fairly small (less than 10×10 feet) and because of the french doors off the entry way I want it to look nice (so no plastic tubs sitting out).

Central Island/Cart/Table – I know I want a cart or small table in the center of the room, with enough of a lip to clamp tools onto, that is sturdy but can be slid/moved/rolled a bit.  I’d also like for it to be about contertop height. Right now my old kitchen table is in there.  I like it (has sentimental value) but because the sides drop only the two short ends are suitable for clamping.

Dry Sink next to the doors – My parents found this dry sink for me and I love it.  And it is a substantial piece of furniture.  It just fits on the wall between the front of the house and the door and will be used to hold the random assortment of tools – carder, combs, hand cards, picker, etc.  I’m not sure what I’ll put down underneath behind the swing out doors – likely not fiber that close to the ground and in a cool, dark space.  Possibly class/teaching materials or something like that.  The drawer is for smaller tools.

Cube Storage – If you’ve ever seen pictures of the loft upstairs then you know how awesome cube storage can be.  And because at least some of that fiber needs to come downstairs, I need some storage downstairs.  Ideally I’ll have a wall unit six cubes high and 2-3 cubes wide on each side of a center workstation.  Then under that center workstation I can hide the tubs of washed but otherwise unprocessed fleeces.

Center workstation – This is the big unknown right now.  Until I figure out for sure what this will look like and be size-wise, I can’t buy the cube storage units.  I’m thinking about checking the DIY stores for a countertop mill end – something four feet or less – and putting that on top of a table somehow.  Then I can velcro a skirt around the table.  To fit over the plastic tubs it would end up about the perfect height. So, this center workstation is the big thing right now.


Question: If I make a table for the wall between the cubes what would you suggest for the top of it?



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4 responses to “Project #FiberRoom Part 2

  1. Yay!!!!

    As for the question: are you thinking of a table for the wall without a center workstation?

  2. Is there enough space for you to be able to comfortably move around with both?

  3. If the center workstation isn’t too large, yes. Best case you be something about 2 feet by 3-4 feet. That’s about the size of a table in there right now (well, 2×3) and it works well.

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