Greencastle Fiber Show Prep

It’s the night before and I’m packed up and ready to go. PS – I’m posting this straight from the iPhone app so I apologize if it looks funny.


Everything for my class is packed up and now in the back of my car. I’m reasonably certain I haven’t forgotten anything.


Most important – samples for my students. I know I’ll have at least four students plus possibly any late people who want to sign up. I’ve got enough kits for 12, which should be more than plenty. Any I don’t use will be saved for the June class. There is some awesome 17 micron merino in those sample kits. So awesome I bought some for me!


Snacks and Dew for the day. I have oatmeal and tea for breakfast but will need the caffeine to keep it up. And I’m hoping with the snacks to not have to buy lunch there.


And last but not least, my shopping bag and purse.  Phew! Now, wake up by 6:15. Although, bed by 10:30 on the night before – pretty amazing!


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