Tour de Fleece 2015 Prep

027I’ve been a bit delinquent in blog posts lately due to a work trip and then family vacation.  It was five days gone, four days home, five days gone and now I’m catching up.  But, anyways, it’s the time of year for Tour de Fleece!

So what is TdF? It’s really just a spinning challenge.  Tour de Fleece runs at the same time as its better known sister, the Tour de France. From July 4 through 26 you spin, setting your own goal and then do your best to meet that goal.  Most people spin with a team. Our rest days coincide with the rest days of the Tour de France.

I am co-captain of Team Clan Kromski on Ravelry (you can sign up here).  We have prizes for participation and an active group.  My personal challenge is to finish my three spinning projects in progress (see my upcoming On the Wheel Post).  I don’t actually think I’ll get all three done but its a good push goal.

353Are you ready to participate?!? Here’s how to prepare.

  1. Decide on how you will challenge yourself.  Spin 15 minutes a day? Spin a sweater’s quantity? Spin a whole fleece?
  2. Decide what you will spin and make sure its ready.  You don’t want to spend the Tour trying to decide and prep your fiber.
  3. Make sure your wheel and supplies are in good order.  This might be a good time to clean your wheel, clear off your bobbins and make sure you have oil for your wheel.

I hope you will join us on Team Clan Kromski!



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