Tour de Fleece Week One

I got off to a good start. And then it ended.

UntitledDays 1 through 4: I spun on my miniSpinner the Deep Thoughts fiber from Fiber Fancy, finishing up the first two ounces and starting the second two ounces.  Saturday and Sunday I spun quite a bit, and then it started falling off Monday and Tuesday as I worked late most nights.

Days 5 and 6: I got home late or worked late both nights again and was zapped.  I also started to notice a tightness in my arm.  Figuring that switching it up my help (and because I only had time to spin 10-20 minutes) I picked up a Phat Fiber sample and my Kundert drop spindle.  The fiber is also from Fiber Fancy – some locks I carded.

Day 7 (Friday, June 10): I fell off the wagon train folks.  Didn’t even make it a complete week.  To be fair, there are lots of things going on (work, Stitches Midwest, another exciting bit I can’t tell you about yet, etc.) but as my friend likes to point out, a few minutes would be doable.

In all honesty, I have this problem every year.  And this year its exacerbated by trying to do more than I could possibly have time for.  Maybe I’ll learn. . .



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3 responses to “Tour de Fleece Week One

  1. This is why I don’t do Tour de Fleece. 😉

    • I think this will be my last year (remind me I said that next year). I go through this every year and this year I’m particularly busy. I’m now operating under the “if I spin, great, if not, that’s ok too” philosophy.

  2. I say do what you can then leave the rest. And that’s what you’re doing so win, win.

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