On The Needles – July 2015

What’s on my needles right now!

UntitledSkipped this post last month but now I’ve actually got new things on the needles!

      • Midsommer – This is my main focus at the moment and I’m just about done.  Like I should be done this week (maybe even tonight).  At Patty and I bought the same yarn at Stitches Midwest a few years ago and each bought beads.  She said earlier this summer “hey, why don’t we try to get this knit before Stitches this year.”  I love knitting with beads so I said “heck, yeah.”  This hasn’t been going smoothly for either of us.  The pattern is written for lace weight.  We’re using fingering weight, which should make the shawl bigger.  As its written the shawl would be very small, even with fingering weight yarn instead of the lace.  I repeated an extra section and if I hadn’t been so far into it I would have ripped out and restarted on a larger needle size. Even the amount of yardage used in the pattern doesn’t make sense in regards to how its knitting up.  Very weird.  Anyways, yarn is Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering, a merino/cashmere/nylon blend, in colorway Fat Fish Blue, which is a vivid electric blue.  Pattern is Midsommer by Sivia Harding.

  • Caprica Socks – Back to knitting socks.  Getting these started was a massive PITA.  After pleading on IG for some help the suggestion of using Judy’s magic cast on on a circ and then switching over to DPNs worked.  These are toe-up but I’m not following a pattern, per se.  It’s slow going but I have some more self-striping sock yarn I want to use, which is motivating me.  Yarn is Knit Picks Felici, a super soft merino/nylon blend, in the colorway Caprica.  Knit Picks discontinued Felici last year but presently has brought it back as a special edition.

  • Un-named shawl – I’m working on a new shawl.  Pattern is mostly drafted – now I just need to knit it!
  • Diadem– Put this one on the back burner for now but I want to get back to it soon. As a bit of backstory, I dislike knitting socks and my friend Patty doesn’t always get along with lace (would be hard for you too with 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 bunnies and 2 kids).  So we decided to swap skills.  We each bought our own yarn and I am knitting her a lace shawl and she is knitting me socks.  I actually started another shawl but got real worried I would run out of yarn.  So switched over to this pattern which I’m loving.  Yarn is from Zen Garden (I think Serenity Silk – the light fingering weight one) and the pattern is Diadem by Ruth Greenwald.


  • Scarlet Capelet – This is hanging on the back burner now too.  I picked it up briefly and did get gauge still so that’s a plus.  I like it well enough but its hit the point where its large and cumbersome.  This pattern (Scarlet Capelet) is also by Heather Zoppetti.  The yarn is Miss Babs Northumbria Aran in Vlads.


  • Starshower Cowl – I got a little ways into this.  I need good light because the handspun is so dark.  I selected this to use my blue/purple handspun from Spinner’s Cottage.  The pattern is Starshower by Hilary Smith Callis.  It looks like it will be a cool knit – a cowl with a twist.  It is designed to be able to be worn around the shoulders.


  • Color Affection Shawl – Frogged but haven’t started over yet.  I still want to knit it (at a tighter gauge) but other things are more interesting right now.



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