Stitches Midwest Prep

Stitches Midwest starts in just a few days! I am beyond excited but so much has been going on I’ve barely had time to prepare.  I made that a priority this past weekend (after a long afternoon working on my mysterious project).


Step One was knitting the swatches for the beading class.  I’m taking Be a Bead-knitting ‘Show Off’ with Betsy Hershberg which I think will be an awesome class on beading.  I wavered a lot on whether to take a 3-hour class (rather than a market class) but after emailing with the teacher, I felt it would be perfect and advance my design skills. 


Step Two was doing some Ravelry surfing.  I looked through my favorited patterns and those I had queued with0ut yarn matched up.  They’re not patterns I’m absolutely committed to finding yarn for, just thoughts.  I find it helps me focus on what I’m interested in knitting right now.  I also decided on some yarn I already have in stash that I’d like to find beads for.  That would be the picture above – although its a more silverly blue in person.  It’s laceweight alpaca and I’d like to knit a cowl from it.

UntitledStep Three was lists.  You know me, I like my lists.  Very important – list of food options.  I also highlighted the vendor map with those that are participating in the stitch marker swap.  Then some packing lists so I (hopefully) don’t forget anything.  Lastly, a list of prompts for our car game of ‘Would You Rather’ based on a thread from the PraireGirls Podcast Rav group last year.  I also have a list of what I still want to get done this week. 


Step. . .just kidding.  I already had these done.  I spent a Saturday a couple weeks ago with friends making stitch markers for the swap.  I will most definitely post what stitch markers I come back with!



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2 responses to “Stitches Midwest Prep

  1. Have a great time! I don’t really use the queue function in Ravelry but I should make use of it more – I like your method!

    • Thanks! I try (keyword) to accumulate patterns I’m interested in under Favorites. Then I use the queue for patterns I’ve decided to knit and matched up with a yarn. Helps because I am a slooooow knitter and won’t remember what I wanted to knit a pattern with.

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