Raw Fleeces Webinar from Interweave

I’ve alluded a couple times in prior posts that I have some exciting news.  I wanted to wait until I had more information to share and now I do!  Spinning Daily (part of Interweave Press) asked me if I was interested in presenting a webinar on raw fleeces.  Of course I said yes, so on August 24th at 1pm Eastern I will be providing a one hour overview on selecting and cleaning raw fleeces!


As with my other classes I’ve put all the details over here on my classes page, but let me give you the skinny.  In contrast to my normal three hour live classes, this will be a one hour overview via a powerpoint presentation.  It’s $20 and slides will be able to all attendees after the live webinar.  If you can’t attend the live webinar, an audio power point version will be available afterwards.  So, if you’re ever the least bit curious about buying and cleaning your own fiber, this is a perfect introduction to get you going.

If you’re interested and would like to sign up, please click on the sign up link on my classes page here.  If you have questions please email me at floofymoose@gmail.com.  I’m so excited for this opportunity and can’t wait for August 24th!   062

Here’s the summary of the webinar I put together with Spinning Daily.

About the Web Seminar:

So you want to buy your first raw fleece, but which one should you choose? Then what do you do with it? Do you have a stack of fleeces in your garage you’re unsure what to do with? Processing a raw animal fleece gives you control over the progression from animal to finished object. Choosing a raw fleece and processing it can be an intimidating process. Understanding the process, and how the fibers and methods impact you choices, will help you maximize your results.

 Courtney will guide you through an overview of what to consider when buying a fleece and what options are available for cleaning your fleece. She will discuss wool, alpaca, angora and mohair to learn what constitutes a great raw fleece. Then, she will walk viewers through the process of cleaning a fleece – skirting, washing, drying and flicking the locks. Drawing on her fiber processing experiences, including lessons learned the hard way, she will cover what to watch out for when buying a raw fleece, what types of soap work best, different drying methods and tools used for flicking tips. Using close up photos, see exactly what Courtney does to select the perfect bag of fiber and produce a clean fleece with confidence.

Raw wool fleece

What You’ll Learn:

  • Select a raw animal fleece that meets your needs
  • Understand different types of animal fibers including wool, alpaca, mohair and angora rabbit
  • Skirt a fleece to remove veg matter, short cuts and other undesirable pieces
  • Wash and dry a fleece for superior results
  • Flick locks to prepare the fiber for spinning, combing or carding

Who Should Attend:

  • Handspinners who want to buy their own animal fleeces with confidence
  • Handspinners who would like to clean animal fleeces
  • Knitters or crocheters who want to buy their own fleeces for processing at a fiber mill
  • Fiber animal owners who want to understand what spinners look for in a raw fleece




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3 responses to “Raw Fleeces Webinar from Interweave

  1. So very exciting Courtney! I hope it’s a great success! Sarah

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