Finished Object – Midsommer Beaded Shawl

dI bought this yarn almost three years ago to the day.  I remember exactly where I bought it and chose beads for it that same day.  We (Patty and I) were at Stitches Midwest, my first time.  We both fell in love with the bright blue and then headed over to Twisted Sistah to buy matching beads.  Matching might be a misnomer.  I picked a bright aqua that would pop and she chose darker, I think, iridescent beads.  When we got back we set out to find a pattern that used two skeins of fingering and beads.  That was three years ago.  Early this summer Patty suggested we get our shawls knit up before Stitches this year.  Yes!! I love knitting lace with beads!! I finished almost exactly one week ahead of our trip to Chicago for Stitches Midwest.  Patty has been on a spinning kick lately and is now planning to rip out to start with larger needles.  I should (nicely) pester her. a

Moving on.  My Rav project page is here.

cNotes – I knit from the charts but some of the notes from other knitters indicate there may be errors in the written instructions.  As I mentioned the pattern called for 600 yards of lace as written on US 5 needles.  For fingering weight it would be common to go up a couple needle sizes, but, since I’m a loose knitter, I stuck with the US 5s.  Also, I knit most of my fingering weight lace shawls on 5s.  Anyways, I used 600 yards of fingering but that included an extra repeat of Chart B.  That’s an extra 24 rows.  I don’t possibly see how you would use near 600 yards of lace if you knit the pattern without the extra repeat.  Or get it to the size shown in the pattern photos.  I also blocked this aggressively.  I’m happy with the finished size but definitely wouldn’t have been if I hadn’t knit the extra repeat.  If I had more beads I would have done a second extra repeat. e

Pattern – Midsommer (Ravelry pattern here) from Sivia Harding. This is a crescent shawl with a center panel and identical side panels, starting at the center of the straight edge.  Instructions are charted and written out.  The pattern is designed to use about 600 yards of lace weight yarn.  Pattern is $7.50 on Ravelry.

fYarn –  Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering.  Primo Fingering is a fingering weight blend of 75% merino, 20% cashmere  and 5% nylon. One skein is 3.56 ounces and 390 yards.  Super squishy  but still tightly plied.  The colorway for this is Fat Fish Blue, a vibrant but dark cerulean blue.  I used 616 yards with the aforementioned modifications.  Note that this yarn/colorway bled when I washed it.  Below is a picture of the first wash in warm water.  A second wash with a glug of vinegar seemed to minimize the bleeding. Untitled



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  1. This is lovely! I really like the beaded touch.

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