Stitches Midwest 2015 Part 2 – Goodies Except for Yarn

Bag - DrinkingAm I torturing ya’ll by not posting the yarn? Next post, I promise.  To whet your appetite, here are the non-yarn goodies.  Spoiler: I have an obsession with bags.  Specifically, pretty and fun bags that are well made.  So lets start there. Bags

  • (top right) Owl Project Bag from Front Range Bags.  Two exterior pockets and one interior pockets.  There are also two yarn guide clips on the inside.  This is quality made and has a flat bottom so it stands up independently.
  • (far right) Project bag set from Erin Lane Bags.  It was an on-sale grab bag with three sizes (sock, small and large) in my favorite color combo of purple and teal.  The stock may be my favorite right now.
  • (bottom) Small drawstring bag from Knerd.  I actually was hoping to find this in a t-shirt but since I love bags, this was perfect too.
  • (left) A two-fer from Erin Lane Bags.  It has a divider up the center designed to support two balls of yarn being used for colorwork.
  • (top left)  A drawstring bag from Stash-Ems being sold at the Grinning Gargoyle booth.  It came with matching stitch markers.  Obviously the draw on this was the print.


  • A t-shirt that says “Sheep Wreck” from Knit Bah Purl.
  • A mug from Gnome Acres.  Because what is better than a gnome on a tractor? Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Beads to go with my Elixir purple yarn from Plucky Knitter.
  • My first (and only) set of signature needles.  It’s a US 5 circular with stiletto tips.  I don’t foresee buying very many of these due to price but want to try a pair.


Stitch Marker Swap

This isn’t really a bought goody but I wanted to show the results of our initial stitch marker swaps.  This was an amazing part of Stitches – I met and talked to so many people.  There’s an intricate clay owl hand-made by the swapper and a couple glass ones.  Since I love anything handmade, all of them are special to me.  Some had a story behind them (the flattened penny).


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