August 2015 Odds n’ Ends

Does anyone know where the summer went? I feel like I need to place a ‘lost’ ad for it.

UntitledInterweave/Spinning Daily Webinar Recap My webinar with Interweave/Spinning Daily was earlier this week.  Despite my apprehension about presenting in an environment where I had no feedback to judge interest and engagement, it was actually pretty good.  There were about 20-25 live attendees and more than registered to watch it offline.  If you missed or couldn’t attend the webinar it’s available as an on-demand download from the same link (on my classes page).


Upcoming Design I really thought my next pattern would be a shawl.  I had this stitch pattern I wanted to center it around but that stitch pattern had a mind of its own.  So it’s going to be a beaded cowl.  If you’ve never added beads to your knitwear before this will be a great pattern to start with since the lace pattern is so repeatable and beads are only placed every few rows. It should be released in September.

I Won Some Yarn (and by some I mean a sweater’s worth) My stash increased again since Stitches Midwest but I promise I didn’t buy the yarn.  The Buffalo Wool Company held a Facebook/Instagram Contest to see what sweaters people would make out of their Buffalo Skies DK yarn.  I found out last week that my entry won and the yarn arrived Friday.  Want to see a pretty picture? 8 skeins of Still Water. 022Upcoming Events

I actually don’t have any classes or events scheduled the rest of this year (unless you count a vacation in October).  I’m always available though to schedule some teaching either in person or via Skype if you’re interested


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  1. If you find out where summer went, let me know 🙂 I’m glad your webinar went well and that’s some beautiful yarn! Congrats on winning it. I’m looking forward to your next pattern too! And your goodies from Stitches were amazing. Thanks for sharing them. – Sarah

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