Review: Chiaogoo Twist Interchangeable Set

The tools of our trade – our needles.  At some point many knitters start considering an interchangeable set of needles.  I want to review for you my interchangeables of choice – the Twist set from Chiaogoo.


Before Chiaogoo released their interchangeable sets I had several fixed circulars called “Red Lace” that I adored for their flexible cables and pointy tips. So I bought a set of the interchangeable needles as soon as they were available.  They also have bamboo sets available (called Spin).


Generally, interchangeable needle sets come with tips of different needle sizes and cables of different lengths.  The benefit of an interchangeable needle set is you can mix and match tips and cables to make circular needles and therefore not need to buy as many individual fixed circulars.  The tips screw into the cables and with several brands are tightened by a small pin.  You can buy individual cables and tips


Moving on to the Twist Interchangeable Set from Chiaogoo.  Sets come with 4 or 5 inch stainless steel (and smooth) tips.  The 5 inch tip sets, what was first available, come in three sizes – a complete set, a small set and a large set.  The complete set has 13 pairs of tips ranging from sizes US 2 through US 15 and six cables (one small and one large each of 24″, 32″ and 40″).  Cables are marked small and large and correspond to different size needles (approximately US 2 through 8 are considered small and the remaining large).  The small set includes tips US 2 through 8 and three cables; the large set includes tips US 9 through 15 and three cables.  All sets come in a nice zippered case with each pocked marked with a tip size.



Most interchangeable needle sets only go down to a US 4.  I’m a loose knitter and frequently drop 1-2 needle sizes so going down to a US 2 is a huge benefit to me.

The stainless steel cables are flexible but don’t kink up.

The joins between the tips and cables are smooth.  Even lace yarn doesn’t snag and stitches are easily slid up and over the joins.

The tips on the twist set are pointy.  As compared to other needles I’ve used, they’re not as pointy as Signature Needles but more pointy than Hiya Hiya and Knit Picks.

The hole for tightening the cable to the tip (using a little screw) doubles as a lifeline hole.  You can thread thin yarn or crochet thread through the hole at the start of a row and as you knit the lifeline is run through your stitches.

The sizes are marked on the cables and needles.



Some people have reported problems with the tips coming unscrewed from the cables while knitting.  I personally have not had this problem but I’m also careful to tighten with the provided screw each time.

Price – the complete set will run you about $110.  That makes them a bit cheaper than an Addi Lace Click set, about the same as the Hiya Hiya set and more than the Knit Picks nickel set.  But, the other sets do not contain as many pairs of tips. I think it’s definitely worth the money.

My Grade: A 010

Review Disclaimer: This item was not provided to me for review – it is one I purchased independently. Although I accept free products for review, I do not guarantee a positive review and will share my honest opinions.  If you have a product you would like reviewed please contact me at floofymoose [at] gmail [dot] com.   


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