October 2015 Odds’n’Ends

So much catching up to do!

UntitledThrowback to baby Winston

Upcoming Design I finally finished knitting the sample and wrote the pattern.  The pattern is currently being test knit and tech edited, both of which should be done in about a week.  The Florence Cathedral is a beaded lace cowl that will be great for someone who wants to dip their toe into knitting with beads. Here’s a sneak peek!


Cinque Terre Cowl Always one to do things out of order, I finally got the Cinque Terre Cowl test knitted.  They wrapped up the last week of September and no changes to the pattern.  Here’s the four test knits.  All four were awesome and I especially love seeing one knit out of a highly variegated yarn.

Cinque Terre Test Knit Collage

Eclipse Well this was a big disappointment.  We were supposed to have a great view but a whole lotta clouds got in the way.  All night.  Anyways I did get the following photo.


And then someone was waiting on me at the door.




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