On The Needles – November 2015


What’s on my needles right now!

Skipped this post last month (again) but now I’ve actually got new things on the needles!  I worked on the Gridelin for most of October so barely anything else was worked on.  So much so I didn’t both updating some of the pictures.

  • Starry Whovian Socks – I think I’ve tried knitting socks every which way.  I didn’t like magic loop and I really don’t like double points (see the Caprica socks).  So now I’m trying a nine inch circular needle.  Yep, tiny little needle (actually eight inch would be better but can’t find that).  I love it soooo much better than the other two methods.  These are plain socks, knit toe-up with an after-thought heel.


  • Caprica Socks – Back to knitting socks.  This has gone cold.  I’ve put maybe 2-3 inches on them since July? Just not something I’m loving right now and I think its because I really don’t like little dpns.  I might frog these in favor of knitting with the bitty circular.  These are toe-up but I’m not following a pattern, per se.  It’s slow going but I have some more self-striping sock yarn I want to use, which is motivating me.  Yarn is Knit Picks Felici, a super soft merino/nylon blend, in the colorway Caprica.


  • Diadem– Post new cowl, this one is now back on the front burner. Brief reminder – this is the shawl I’m knitting for my friend Patty in exchange for a pair of handknit socks.  And she’s making good progress on the socks so I better hurry this up! Yarn is from Zen Garden (I think Serenity Silk – the light fingering weight one) and the pattern is Diadem by Ruth Greenwald.


  • Crossroads Hat – another new project! I actually started it but didn’t like the gauge so frogged to restart with smaller needles.  This yarn for this colorwork hat is alpaca so I want it at a tight gauge to prevent it from growing.


  • Scarlet Capelet – This is hanging on the back burner, like way back there.  I picked it up briefly and did get gauge still so that’s a plus.  I like it well enough but its hit the point where its large and cumbersome.  This pattern (Scarlet Capelet) is also by Heather Zoppetti.  The yarn is Miss Babs Northumbria Aran in Vlads.


  • Starshower Cowl – I got a little ways into this and then frogged.  I need good light because the handspun is so dark.  I selected this to use my blue/purple handspun from Spinner’s Cottage.  The pattern is Starshower by Hilary Smith Callis.  It looks like it will be a cool knit – a cowl with a twist.  It is designed to be able to be worn around the shoulders.


  • Color Affection Shawl – Frogged but haven’t started over yet.  I still want to knit it (at a tighter gauge) but other things are more interesting right now.



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  1. Mattie

    I knit all my socks on the 9 inch circular. I don’t like magic loop and I find dpn’s too fumbley with sock yarn. I only switch to dpn’s for the toe, and that’s such a small section I don’t suffer too much. lol

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