Seven Favorite Audio Knitting Podcasts

logoIs anyone else going to get some serious windshield time over the holidays? I am.  Sometimes I listen to music but then I get bored and then I get twitchy and then I get cranky.  So I like to listen to audio podcasts, specifically about knitting, in the car.

It’s a six hour drive home which translates into anywhere from six to twelve podcast episodes.  There’s also the six hour drive back but since my brother will be with me I will be singing along to Frozen and Beauty and the Beast nonstop.  Let it go, let it . . . . just kidding.  Back to audio podcasts about our favorite topics – knitting!

Without further commentary and in no particular order – my top seven audio knitting podcasts!  These are all available for free download in iTunes.

1. Prairie Girls Knit and Spin

Hosted by Susie and Danie from the Nebraskan/Iowan prairie this approximately hour long podcast is released about every two weeks.  These lovely ladies discuss finished projects, current projects, stash enhancements and new items.  I especially love their recent shawl series and funny antics.

2. Knitmore Girls

Hosted by mother-daughter pair (Gigi and Jasmin), and sometimes grand-daughter Genevieve, this podcast is one of the longest-running knitting podcasts.  They just came back from a brief hiatus and release an hour long podcast each week.  Topics include finished and current objects, what knitwear they’ve been wearing, reviews, sewing and spinning. To give you warning, Jasmin and Gigi are enablers – I’ve heard about (and subsequently bought) more new yarn dyers and books as the result of this podcast than I’d care to admit.

3. Commuter Knitter Podcast

Hosted by Jen in New England and she frequently records while commuting.   She releases an hour long podcast one to two times a month (lately once a month).  The names of the segments are transportation themed and include works in progress, finished objects, events, and several more.  I love the variety and congrats on reaching 100 episodes.

4. Knitting Butterflies

This podcast is hosted by Emily from Colorado and is a professional photographer (more on this in a minute), as well as a prolific knitter.  She’s currently on a brief hiatus but will be back after the holidays.  She talks about finished objects, works in progress, sewing and photography.  As a professional photographer she has some amazing tips, especially relating to taking great finished object photos.  I can’t wait for new podcasts post holidays!

5. Down Cellar Studio Podcast

Another podcaster named Jen in New England (aka BostonJen) and another wonderful podcast.  She releases an hour long podcast every two to three weeks and has been podcasting for about three years.  Topics include works in progress, finished objects, brainstorming (one of my favorites), travels/events and recommendations of books, movies, shows and podcasts. Right now she is hosting the 2015 Pigskin Party knit-a-long coinciding with the American football season.

6. Actually Knitting

Hosted by Michelle, an actress and teacher, from North Carolina this podcast has a dramatic theatrical fair that is very fun. She releases an hour long podcast one to two times a month. Topics include works in progress, finished objects, auditioning knits (possible or reconsidered projects), recipes and a few other miscellaneous topics.  My favorite section is love it or leave it!

7. The SweetGeorgia Show

This is a new podcast, started in July 2015, that is hosted by Felicia Lo of Sweet Georgia Yarns.  This podcast is different because each episode is an interview with a maker, designer, dyer or other creative folks in the fiber industry.  The podcasts are about 20-30 minutes in length and come out once a week.  I’ve still got some catching up on back episodes to do but so far my favorite interviews have been with Leah Churchley, Laura Nelkin and Heather Zoppetti.


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